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Basilicata: A Coast to Coast Gastronomic Tour

Basilicata is a region steeped in history and overflowing with marvellous produce waiting to be transformed into wonderful dishes redolent of this extraordinary part of Italy.

Vaguely following the path of Rocco Papaleo and his band as they walk from Maratea on Basilicatas West Coast Tirreno Sea to a gig in Scanzano in the South and the Mare Jonio. The film Basilicata Coast to Coast highlights some of the towns along the way and the beautiful countryside that is la Basilicata.

Last Year several groups of Basilicata Coast to Coasters stayed with me in Tursi at The Orangery Luxury Retreat as their last stop before the 20 km hike to Scanzano. Some doggedly followed the route of Papaleo and co. even refusing a ride from Tursi town to their apartment in Centro Storico. Others combined bus travel, followed the route by car or accepted some help when they arrived here.

The tours l have created are a Coast to Coast of fine produce. This South tour includes bread, porcini, red peppers and fine salami. A plethora of ingredients ready to create amazing dishes. I have re-worked a variety of recipes, some intertwining with other ingredients in this blog and the following central tour.

I hope you enjoy this culinary trek and if you happen to follow this path please come and stay with me before you visit Craco.

Martine x

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