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The Mandarin's Journey

2017 was a year of highs and lows as far as The Mandarin was concerned. The beginning of the year saw snow, the like of which in Tursi is only seen every 20 years or so. Temperatures of minus 8 every night for a week and well over a foot of icy, slipperiness. Followed by the inevitable burst pipes and influenza. Work stopped for a month.

The Mandarin was just a shell; a husk with nothing inside. Problems too complicated to explain meant further halts in the work to iron out 'misunderstandings'. Altogether a nightmare-ish experience. In fact when friends suggested l had courage to take on this project, l think what they were trying to say was that l was mad. I however felt confident, although my experience this time has shaken my faith in mankind somewhat.

However if asked would l do it all again the answer is a resounding “yes”! I am sitting at my dining table writing this blog and looking out through the French windows; last week's bricked up doorway looking on to my shabby Marrakesh Terrace, which last month was just a hole in the ground. So yes it was all worth it.

The beautiful Mandarin was already enjoyed by guests last summer and this year with addition of the marvellous terrace complete with antique double bed and 'mozzie' net for sleeping under the stars, it will be totally amazing, a tinkling fountain, beautiful scented plants and a pergola to dine under alfresco.

Explore the ‘before’ pictures if you dare....

Martine x

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